Welcome to the website of the Art Association of ISAE-SUPAERO (Association des Arts de l’ISAE-SUPAERO) !

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What is the Art Association ?

The associative life of engineering students is often very complete. At ISAE-SUPAERO, the students can involve in projects, discover new stuff and learn how to deal with the administrative functions that comes with responsabilities in an association or a club (more than 110 availables).

When talking about associative life inside engineering schools, we refer often to the BDE (Bureau des Elèves = Bureau for Students), that manage the Student Association (Association des Elèves). It is about general life on the campus, some clubs, parties …

As known as the previous one, the Sport Association (Association des Sports) is ruled by the BDS (Bureau des Sports = Bureau for Sports). This one deal with sport clubs, sport competitions (mostly between schools), and everything about sports.

Finally, the BDA (Bureau des Arts = Bureau for Arts), of the Art Association (Association des Arts), is the third one of these. It is going more and more common among engineering schools. Even if technology, sports and parties were the main things on the campus, many students want to develop or keep their interest for arts, whether it is about music, food, crafting, theater, or of any other kind.

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What is the aim of the Association ?

The Art Association is dedicated to the emancipation and artistic culture development of students. To do so, it rules the artistic clubs of ISAE-SUPAERO giving them the appropriate budget they need, and giving them an administrative context.

Moreover, it organises – thanks to its divisions – cultural events, on the campus and outside of it. For example, each week, the members can go see theater plays, concerts, operas. Occasionally, some campus-based events are organized, as well as touristic travels.

The division list is here (page soon) and the club list is here !

Who’s behind this Association ?

Each year, about November, after campaigns, a first year student team is elected to rule the Bureau after the previous team. The change is effective in February, after the transmission of knowledge from the second year students.

Since the creation of the Association in 2015, many teams were in charge of the Association. The Pix’Art team in 2016, then the Mario K’Art in 2017, the Poudl’Art team in 2018, were followed by the M’Arty McFly in 2019. Now, the wonderful W’Art Disney team is directing the association for 2020 !